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See you soon South Africa!

I have just finished the core training with our two partnering organizations in Cape Town. What an incredible time it has been.

Both the organizations are doing an incredible job in reaching out to people in challenged areas where poverty and gender based violence is widespread.

I am so grateful to the leaders Eed of Heroes Academy and Lucinda of Philisa Abafazi Bethu who both are realizing the value that their staff and volunteers receive evidence-based training. Knowledge is a key to making the most out of our efforts.

I have been deeply humbled by the thirst and hunger for deeper understanding in the staff I have met. Teaching people who are motivated to learn is nothing but a pure privilege.

Yesterday we kissed our Good Byes for this time. Evoke 100%’s mission is to provide training and then follow that up with online mentoring and support both on an individual and group basis. I know many processes got kickstarted during this core-training we just completed.

Most of the growing takes place between teaching sessions. I cannot wait to see what will happen between now and May when I have the privilege to return and dig deeper in the well of knowledge together with these dedicated and wonderful people.

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Have a brilliant day!

Ulf Lidman
Founder and Director
Evoke 100%

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