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Rebuilding after hurricane Lisa in Belize

Several of the staff members of PathLight had their homes destroyed in the big hurricane a couple of weeks ago.
Many of the teenagers in the program lost everything. Worst hit was Belize City.

Traumatization can lead to strong crisis reactions. We talk about the importance of allowing ourselves to go through normal reactions. This is an important part of managing crisis. That is easier said than done though when you serve as a leader in an organization caring for young people. I am always concerned for the long term effects when our responsibilities don’t give us the room to manage and process our own crisis.

The staff of PathLight are heroes. Please support them in their important work in evoking the best in young people. This is a big challenge in itself. When you have lost your appliances, your furniture, your roof…..it takes a lot of inner strength to keep inspire others.

If you want to support the rebuilding of PathLight after the devastating hurricane. Please follow this link:


Thank you!

Ulf Lidman
Evoke 100%

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