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Poverty and crime?!

When I read about Belize prior to starting our partnership with PathLight, the information when googling made it sound like crime and gang activity ruled the country. How untrue that is!

Yes, there is poverty in Belize and yes, there are gangs and crime, but not to the extent that I thought prior to coming here. It’s so important that we check sources and intentions when we consume media and information. Many countries, including Sweden where I’m from originally are battling major issues related to gangs and crime. It’s an international concern that we all need to be concerned about.

PathLight is reaching out to young people who are very familiar with poverty and the presence of criminal gangs. It’s right at their doorsteps. PathLight is doing an incredible job when it comes to prevention and sound preparation for the future. Their track record is fantastic and I firmly believe that they are instrumental in creating future leaders for this wonderful country.

We went to an area of Belize City known for its challenges. Here PathLight had brought in a team to do construction and repair work in a school. They have a whole department dedicated to this kind of community work.

There are so many facets to the incredible work of PathLight.
Evoke 100% are privileged to join them with our expertise:
To help people to help themselves!

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