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Heroes Academy SA facilitates workshops for boys and young men between the ages of 13-18 in low-income areas in South Africa. South Africa is a country plagued by Gender-Based-Violence crime against women and children. One of our primary objectives is to create a new narrative by instilling core values in male school students, with the aim of deconstructing toxic masculinity to enable the boys to grow up as positive role models in their families and community.

In our workshops, we teach boys and young men how to empower themselves through discipline, respect and courage. In the knowledge that their worth is solely defined by themselves and not by their circumstances. Our mission is to help reduce Gender Based Violence by teaching the boys of today how to become the men, and heroes, of tomorrow.

Evoke100% is partnering with The Heroes Academy SA to better equip our facilitators with the skills needed to deal with our participants’ challenges that are presented to them in and outside of our workshops

Cape Town South Africa

Heroes Academy Wish List

You can help us with:

  1. A van for taking the mentors to the schools in the townships
  2. 15 iPads or other tablets
  3. 4 Portable power stations

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