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How can I express how impressed I am?

I just got off Zoom with the mentors in Belmopan, Belize. Under the leadership of Mariam, this team is just thriving. Beverly, Jovaughn and Jhonique are the role models and co-travelers with a group of students who come from backgrounds where they are no strangers to abuse, poverty, addictions and challenges that many of us would not know how to handle at a young age.

Young teenagers are not designed to face the cruel sides of life. However, within each and every one of them, the power to reclaim and excel in their lives is present.

Jovaughn was just sharing how he uses the competencies he learned in the Evoke 100% training in his interactions with the boys he mentors. As an instructor, it brings me so much joy when I see that the knowledge is being implemented and contextualized.

Why do we do what we do? Because we believe in the power of love, the power to change and the power to be all we can be. When I hear how young people’s lives are being transformed, I feel grateful for the privilege it is to equip people in helping others to help themselves.

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