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Are you overwhelmed by the needs of your clients?

We can help!

Nonprofit organizations are driven by an incredible compassion to reach out to those who have been victimized by abuse – vulnerable people with broken souls and spirits.

Survivors of abuse often struggle with a variety of issues, including addictions, mental health issues, identity confusion and other challenges that require professional competence. As service providers we need to be certain that our well-intended efforts come with proven skills and methods.

We owe it to those we serve to not only have compassion and a good heart but to also be equipped with formal training.

Needs are great and budgets are strained. Often training and supervision cannot be prioritized when other needs obviously are more urgent.

Evoke 100% provides evidence-based training and ongoing supervision for your leadership and staff free of charge.

We will partner with you for 12-18 months. Initially we will provide your staff with on location training in the Evoke 100% model. This includes:

  • Crisis competence to deal with clients in acute crisis
  • Cross-cultural counseling
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy models and techniques
  • Integration of addiction treatment
  • Low arousal approach
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Organizational Behavioral Management skills for your leadership team.

After the initial training we will provide online supervision for the implementation of the above. This also includes a 3 day in-person supervision midway through the 12-18 months period.

After the 12-18 months period Evoke 100% will be available for on call consultations for the leadership team of the organization.

All the above at no cost for your organization. 

If your organization is interested in partnering with Evoke 100% please request requirements and an application at info@evoke100.org.

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