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Our Team

Ulf Lidman

Ulf Lidman has two Masters degrees focusing on Inter-Cultural Communication and Crisis Counseling. His extensive experience in working with people began 40 years ago. Initially he worked as a young volunteer in refugee camps in the Middle East; further work took him to Africa and Los Angeles during the HIV/AIDS crisis.

He has worked with unaccompanied refugee minors in Europe coming from Africa, Middle East and Asia; victims of sexual and physical abuse in Sweden; victims of human trafficking and individuals hiding from honor-related death threats.

Ulf has also done extensive work with people creating new platforms for life after incarceration and psychiatric care as well as helping people reclaim their lives after being trapped in toxic religion, sects and extremism. The pull from organized crime, addictions and perpetrators is strong.

By evoking each individual’s power from within Ulf has seen countless people take back what was stolen from them through abuse. Ulf Lidman’s heart is in helping people to help themselves. Sustainable change comes from within.

Ulf also has a strong conviction that helpers need formal training in working with the most vulnerable and broken. His skills include Crisis Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cross-cultural counseling, Motivational Interviewing and Organizational Behavioral Management.

Contact Ulf: ulf@evoke100.org

Our board members

Andre Cousar

Los Angeles, USA

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I have been in the Healthcare Field as an Educator and Sr. Learning Consultant for over 20 years. I attended as an undergraduate at California Lutheran University with an emphasis on music. Later after working in Healthcare my focus changed where I received my Master’s Degree from Bellevue University in Healthcare Administration with an emphasis on Nursing. I later went back to obtain a Graduate degree from George Washington University with an emphasis on Healthcare Compliance. As noted, I really feel Education is the key to success.

Chris Fontanella

Los Angeles, USA

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Chris Fontanella is the founder of Encore Professionals Group, a professional services firm in the greater Los Angeles area. He is also the author of Against the Grain: Counterintuitive Ideas on Business and life.

Gaithri Fernando

Los Angeles, USA

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Dr. Gaithri Fernando is a professor of psychology at California State University, Los Angeles, and a licensed clinical psychologist in the State of California. Her research and clinical foci lie at the intersection of traumatic stress (particularly traumatic stress related to disasters, torture, and relational trauma) and ethnocultural/cross cultural issues.

Julian Howe-Dreyer

Cape Town, South Africa

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Julian is a native South African and based in Cape Town. He has many years of experience in finance and has worked with numerous non-profit organization in his home country. Julian is passionate about empowering people affected by abuse with the tools to enrich their mental health. Another interest of Julian is the exploration of the link between inhouse company culture wrt employee mental health versus the bottom line profitability of a company. Julian is a avid fitness enthusiast. His primary focus to the board is accountability and financial transparency.      

Therese Lundmark

Therese Lundberg

Skellefteå, Sweden

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I’m a licensed social worker, with 20 years experience in the very broad field of social work.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with people who had an addiction for drugs or alcohol and with families and young children. Over the last years my main focus has been working with women, children and men who have been victims of domestic violence. I’ve also worked with women who has been sexually assaulted and raped while in prostitution. I’m also exploring the research about sexual assault that takes place over the internet, which is a growing problem especially for young people.
My main focus in working with clients is to try to be where they are, and use methods and techniques suited for just that individual. Im only one piece  of the puzzle to help them find more of their own abilities and strengths.

Julio Annicchiarico Lobo Psychologist

Julio Annicchiarico Lobo

Pamplona, Colombia

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Psychologist, Specialist in Clinical and Health Psychology; Specialist in Occupational Health and Safety. With a career as a psychology professor at the University of Pamplona, Colombia, for almost 13 years, in charge of Clinical Psychology subjects and the research area.
In the private practice of psychology, as a therapist, I have been able to deal with cases of domestic violence, self-harm and suicidal intent, gender diversity and various mental health situations; topics that have been investigated from the academy with the support of university research groups.


Francia Pena

Los Angeles, USA

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Francia was born in Cali-Colombia and moved to the United States in 2004. After overcoming a culture shock Francia started a non-profit organization that promoted economic development in Colombia. With her passion for education, conservation, and alternative energy, Francia worked on the creation of opportunities to support socio economic progress in her home country. Her aspiration for social responsibility inspired her to work as an International Liaison. She connected project developers in Colombia and investment agencies from the public and private sectors in the United States. Her diligent networking has developed a broad base of associations and friendships with high level diplomats, provincial governors and numerous regional and local public officials, scientists, and academicians in Colombia.     

Francia speaks fluent Spanish, English and Portuguese and has worked as an educator for the last 10 years in the Los Angeles area. She has educated hundreds of college students, at-risk youth, adult probationers, and homeless people through the Californian workforce development programs. Her focus being teaching soft skills that help individuals with job placement. 

Her passion is to empower individuals to reach their own potential. Therefore, she has volunteered at Insight Seminars and has traveled the world inspiring people to learn practical ways to improve their lives. 

Mariluz Zuluaga

Cali, Colombia

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Mariluz has more than 25 years of experience in the public sector and management positions. Recently she was appointed as the Superintendent of Education in Valle del Cauca – Colombia working in rural areas and improving the quality of life of approximately 123,000 young students.
Mariluz has worked with the most vulnerable populations serving people with disabilities, women head of households, and the homeless. As a member of parliament, she managed to implement prevention and care programs for victims of abuse in hospitals, schools and public service offices.

She has served as mayor in charge, Deputy of the State Assembly, Secretary of Social Welfare, and Advisor to the Cali Mayor’s office.