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We provide evidence-based training and ongoing supervision for organizations reaching out to individuals who have been victimized by abuse.

Learn about Evoke 100% in just three-and-a-half minutes.


We believe that all people have the power within themselves to create the life they want.

By creating an environment where each person can explore and discover what works best for them, we help evoke the unique talents and abilities that lie within.


Evoke 100% has been implemented in several contexts such as work among exiting gang members, victims of domestic violence, newly arrived refugees, survivors of sects, cults and extremist groups and honor related situations.

By providing the tools for healing from toxic environments, Evoke 100% helps individuals move beyond the past and build a strong, solid foundation for the future.
Our commitment: individuals who fulfill a year in our program will have a 100% success rate in creating the life they envision for themselves.


We have no religious, ideological or political agendas. Our concept puts each individual in the center, and provides the support they need to create their own path to the life they envision.

“Be all you can be and do it your way!

When you own your own journey, you will succeed!”

Ulf Lidman

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